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Of course, they mentioned different credit options at this point, but they were a much lower options. As a result, we have established our company and establish a corporate structure when establishing this company, it was just to be meaningless to establish the person firm to get credit to get only credit. As a result, as a written, start-up or 4-person team (how if you accept) the last 1 year in the last 1 year, and all the facilities we have in the last 1 year of cash in terms of cash in the meaning of cash capital (Beta) in the Front-End Part 2-3 elements. With the support maybe 3-4 months, we can offer more than 3-4 months of the ingested market for a commercial software project (6 sets elements, office costs, server and communication costs and 2 or 3 machine reception 3-4 months process) is a very large figure of 100 thousand TL. is it? And we have to apply to your product if we want to use this 100BB of fast cash loans in interest uninstall and pre-grace or repayable unsecured. When we go to our friends in the branches, believe that the belief is opening and reading some of your website Some friends have not read some protocols Bi San trying to seek the site or trying to call one of the zone. Change the point Limited company to the person company as you want to be assisted with sincerity. We have already established the Limited Company because we have already established the Company to get the company to get loans that we have already wanted to continue with an institutional structure. We now come to our product now, we have already filled our Affairs of the Affairs of the Application Registration and follow the process and follow the process, but we can reach a cash support such as 100s of TL in the short process by giving this cash support to this cash support, and we can reach a cash support in the short process. I know it’s been long I have achened your head and got your time but I wanted to write to you in the last time, which is your best product? Please provide us with a new initiative and the female entrepreneur as a female entrepreneur and the percentage credits that are very high interested loans or high credits to us that they do not really support such a project how to make a support of such a project in Halkbanka KGF Kosgeb or any product.

On 15/02/2016, I applied to the trades of the Bags and the Sanaatkarı Room 30,000TL interest-free loan but the result was more positive or negative to get information from you.

I have a business (SME) operating in the Thrace Zone. We have a product with high added value. Can I have funds for my business in this framework?

Hi, I joined KOSGEB trainings and recently recently recording my project to the database and present it to the dry. I’m a female entrepreneur. I don’t have enough capital to open my work place. As the first step I will take new on behalf of my person, which loans can I use for the firm and how much can I use the maximum credit? Thank you very much for your return, good work

Hi Fatih Bey, I want to get a shop speed on how do I have a type of credit that I can benefit from this?

Have a good works.


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